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_DSC5099bwWith a joyous irreverence, this vital Australian’s music and message has garnered a grassroots following across the world.

In the way of the Troubadour, Washuntara is a life crafter. As a Zen Buddhist he reminds us to remember who we are, to wake up and reclaim the happiness and compassion in our lives. As he says, “You don’t really grow up, until you’ve had your first good belly laugh at yourself.”

As a recent surviver of late stage throat cancer, he knows only to well that the heartfelt songs and carefully spoken words of his ministry, come from and for his real heroes:  “ Those that have known despair and chosen to rise above it.”

The raw humanness of Washuntara finds him shining his light (and laughter) into many of the worlds darker corners. Turning to the similarities in our many different streams of faith and ordinary goodness in us all, his uncomplicated Buddhist teachings can bring about, with practice, a lasting transformation. Across the street, across the planet, he puts matters of joy, understanding, compassion, inclusiveness and love to work. His swan song and simple message … You Can’t Stop Love


Washuntara’s Can’t Stop Love Sermon from Unity Of Houston.


He, She, We: The Path of Skillful Relating (1 day)

WashDianne2-300x240What did he just say?
What was she thinking?
Ever wonder just how the other gender perceives the world and why they do the things they do?

If you want to:
• Relate more skillfully, at work and at home
• Go beyond the way you’ve communicated before
• Shake out relationship myths and discover the strengths and natural wisdom men and women each have to offer
• Heal past hurts
• Feel safe exploring emotional, physical and spiritual intimacy
• Practice emotional intelligence
• Learn to set boundaries for more personal freedom
• Have some fun, do some work, and transform your life

More Information about He She We

Soul House … Life Just Rocks  (2 hours)

WashChristine1“Ain’t nothin’ between in and out
Let the wind blow, let the rain pour down
This is freedom I’m talking about 
It’s my Soul House…”
— Washuntara

In this upbeat combination concert and workshop, Washuntara shares a slice of the wisdom and practices from Buddhism that have changed his life, as well as personal insights he has gained in his long career in the music business. Designed to send attendees out the door full of joy and passion about life!

Buddhism, Fly fishing, and the Limits of Love: The Way of the Troubadour (4 hours)

Washlaughingleg_crop“Today you’ve got some choices
What will you choose?
Maybe the question to ask yourself is
What would love do?”

— Washuntara

This workshop is about learning to shift beyond the nature of suffering and reclaim your passion for life. It’s a glimpse into the troubadour’s lifestyle, the way of the troubadour, Buddhism and God, archetypes and insights, great jokes and happy folks and of course some good and greater/powerful songs, too.

ManSong (2 Hours)


Fly like an eagle
Run like the wind

Fight like a hero
Honor your friends,

Dance with your shadow
Laugh all you can

Love even when it hurts
And cry like a man.

— Washuntara

This interactive workshop and concert is a celebration of men and the archetypal life journey of a man. Attended by those who want to more deeply understand, honor, and support men in a healthy way through all phases of a man’s life

Praise for Washuntara

“Washuntara has proved an inspiring and gifted voice in the world of mentorship, finding your pathway in life and understanding the potential of your dreams.  A singer with songs that uplift, a teacher and speaker that challenges and a man with deep integrity and spirit, he is one who offers insights and teachings that will change your life.”

—Chip Forrester, Chairman Tennessee Democratic Party, Nashville Tennessee.

 “Washuntara provides a great ministry. We thank him for all he does for the planet, we thank him for all that he has done for us. He is deeply loved and respected by Unity Worldwide Ministries.”

—Rev Steve Colladay, Expansion and Pioneering Unity Worldwide Ministries

“Washuntara has been a superb addition to our programs. He has started men’s support groups based upon his groundbreaking work in Circle of Men and they are extraordinarily well received. Based on the very positive feedback I am pleased to strongly endorse his work and this program.”

—Brian Silver MD, FRCPC, FAHA, Program Director Henry Ford Hospital, and Professor of Neurology, Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit, MI

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