Meet Washuntara

MISSION: Crafting passionate lives.

Washuntara is a Rock and Roll mystic.  He brings a depth of wisdom and experience to all he does.  His music is passionate and profound.  His teaching is authentic and insightful.  Our community loves him!

—Rev. Michael Gott, Unity of Houston

Washuntara is an internationally successful recording and performance artist. With an unforgettable voice and powerful songs, this vital Australian’s music and message has garnered a grassroots following across the world.

Concert promoters and corporations the world over know the benefit of using Washuntara’s music with heart. The success of his recordings and public appearances continues to prove he is a vital force in the music and inspirational speaking industries. For over 20 years his label Passionworks Music has had its home office on Nashville’s famous Music Row.

Whether performing in concert arenas or the smallest intimate affairs, Washuntara knows how to move his audience. Through his music, he connects people with each other and with something even bigger than themselves. It’s a unique experience full of love, laughter, song and soul.

When we heard Washuntara, we knew he would be our major signed singer-songwriter of the year.

—Pat Rogers, Senior Vice President – Writer/Publisher Relations, SESAC (Society for European Songwriters and Composers), Nashville TN

Washuntara brings together a thriving musical career with over three decades of service and spiritual leadership to the community. As co-founder of the international not-for-profit organization, “Circle of Men,” Washuntara has led the fight against social isolation and loneliness in men for 30 years. He has created a series of workshops to help great people remember who they are. And his popular Can’t Stop Love concerts send attendees dancing out the door full of joy and passion about life!

World Class Talent

  • His songs hit Top Ten status in Australian and European markets, and had major success in the USA.
  • Shared the stage with Sir Paul McCartney, The Eagles, Jerry Lee Lewis, Moody Blues, Keith Urban, Garth Brooks, and a host of other international greats.
  • Internationally recognized Buddhist educator and speaker.
  • Co-founder of the international organization Circle of Men, a global not-for-profit that focuses on men’s well-being.

Praise for Washuntara


“Washuntara has proved an inspiring and gifted voice in the world of mentorship, finding your pathway in life and understanding the potential of your dreams.  A singer with songs that uplift, a teacher and speaker that challenges and a man with deep integrity and spirit, he is one who offers insights and teachings that will change your life.”

—Chip Forrester, Chairman Tennessee Democratic Party

“Washuntara provides a great ministry. We thank him for all he does for the planet, we thank him for all that he has done for us. He is deeply loved and respected by Unity Worldwide Ministries.”

—Rev Steve Colladay, Expansion and Pioneering Unity Worldwide Ministries

“Washuntara has been a superb addition to our programs. He has started men’s support groups based upon his work in Circle of Men at our stroke retreats and they have been extraordinarily well received. The plan is to offer these sessions in the future, and based on the very positive feedback I am pleased to strongly endorse his work and this program.”

—Brian Silver MD, FRCPC, FAHA, Program Director Henry Ford Hospital, and Professor of Neurology, Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit, MI

What’s in a Name

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The name Washuntara means “fierce patience.” It comes from his peaceful Buddhist practice and is a testament to the grace and grit of a man whose life purpose is to “create passionate, courageous lives that work.” Despite all life’s seriousness, as Washuntara says, “We don’t really grow up until we’ve had our first good belly laugh at ourselves!”