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“Cant Stop Love” Title track on the Hope Street CD

In a effort to try and regain some control of my musical compositions i have temporarily chosen to remove Washuntara from virtual stores. However id be happy to go to the post office and send you your very own personally autographed copy of my CD’s & DVD’s. Its better that way anyhow.


The Makings, songwriter’s version


Direct from the maker, the voice of the songwriter and his beloved guitar, Christina. Washuntara’s raw magic… live and personal. To all my sisters and brothers along the path, you have the be making of me. Thank you…

Soundcloud Logo Listen to “Cry Like a Man” from the Makings>>

Hope Street

Hope St Recorded in Australia in 2010, this studio project features 12 of the best songs ever written by our favorite Aussie Songster. CD features Cant Stop Love, which is the song Washuntara says he’d like to be remembered for. The heart felt songs and carefully spoken words of his performances come from and for his real heroes, “Those that have known despair and chosen to rise above it.”

Soundcloud Logo                                                     Listen to “Cant Stop Love” from Hope Street>>

Fierce Tenderness, CD

Washuntara cover

Turn it up and drive fast! Recorded in Nashville, summer 2007, Fierce Tenderness is a killer collection of powerful and beautifully painted tunes. It features legendary Nashville musicians, and is proof of how good Washuntara is as a recording artist. He is both a singer and a songwriter, with no weakness in either quarter. As we said, turn it up and drive fast!

                                                     Listen to “Riverboat” from Fierce tenderness>>Soundcloud Logo

 Nashville, CD

This CD is vintage Washuntara, and comes from the early days of a young man striving to get a start in Nashville. It’s a great perspective on the evolution of a songwriter. Ten original country tracks recorded on Nashville’s famous Music Row in the early 1990s.

A Walk in the Music, DVD

An intimate night of Love, Laughter, Song, And Soul from Washuntara and his beloved guitar Christina recorded live in Australia. Includes a bonus rockumentary about songwriting and collection of intimate stories. Washuntara is best live!



This selection of Washuntara’s work showcases the songwriter/singer following his bliss. His music and service, has reached and touched many lives over the years. Purchasing this music or donating helps him continue the work.
With deepest gratitude … thank you