Circle of Men

I sought myself and myself I could not see
I sought my soul and my soul eluded me
I sought my brothers, and I found all three.


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Washuntara has committed a lifetime to helping men and boys craft better lives. He co-founded the Circle of Men in Nashville Tennessee in 1990. This groundbreaking mens organization has grown ever since touching the lives of thousands of men and boys in the Nashville region.

His work has also been the for runner for other grass roots mens support organisations across America and now the world. This year he celebrates twenty seven years of service and leadership in the fledgling field of Mindful Masculinity.

Healthy men mean healthy families and healthy communities; and who doesn’t want that? Yet violence, loneliness, depression, and suicide are prevalent in today’s men and boys as they struggle to cope with evolving and changing ideas about their role and place in society.

Circle of Men is a nonprofit organisation that has been operating internationally for twenty seven years. Groups convene weekly to nurture and support the ever changing needs of men and boys.

A weekly companionship program where dedicated volunteers gather in groups to support and nurture men living in Australian aged care.

The Circle Of Men is just that, men of all ages coming together in a circle sharing their songs and stories, their joys and sorrows, their hopes and fears. It’s life sustaining for all concerned. It is also a powerful practice that greatly restores and rejuvenates our elders, and our youth, who all too often find themselves alone and isolated at this most vulnerable stage of life.

The Circle of Men have both men and women providing leadership, direction and hands on help. It has no religious or political affiliation.

The Circle of Men … someone to turn to since 1990

Call Kev James +61 490 105 715

Circle of Men Companionship program history

In 2005, the diversional therapist of a local aged care facility in Australia, recognized the needs of elder men who were suffering from loneliness and social isolation. She asked for help. Two friends, Mike Tarlo and Washuntara decided to do something about it. They were invited into the facility to meet with the men.

Washuntara and Mike Tarlo

There, Mike and Washuntara found that men comprised only about 10% of the residents of aged care facilities and most of the staff were women. Thus male residents lived in a predominantly female environment.

In addition. many of the men, who were from the Great Depression & World WarII generation, were unhappy because being in aged care meant the loss of their independence. Many became depressed and despondent and isolated from contact with other males.

As a result, Mike and Washuntara established the Circle of Men Queensland, which is now a incorporated registered Australian charity with 50 trained volunteers visiting twenty aged care facilities in Brisbane Australia.

The Circle of Men companionship program USA

Tim Daley: Detroit COM

The Detroit Circle of Men is opening its doors early next year (2018) in the USA under the leadership of long time mens well-being advocate  Tim Daley.

As the COM continues its compassionate journey, holding men’s lives together for twenty seven years and never missing a stitch, it’s also delighted to welcome Chip Forrester as director and consultant for the USA. Mr Forrester is deeply steeped in the Circle of Men protocol.

Chip Forrester: Nashville COM

As just retired chairman of the Tennessee Democratic Party he will be of great help building a foundation for the organisation as it sets about crafting better lives for men living in American aged care.

Circle of Men USA

Nashville Circle of Men
Center for Spiritual Living Nashville
6705 Charlotte Pike Nashville TN 37209
Wednesdays 7pm
Email: Shawn Galloway

Circle of Men Qld Australia


President: John Simpson
Phone: 0459 333 588

Volunteer Co-ordinator Kevin James
Phone : +61 490 105 715

 Coordinator: Washuntara
Phone: 0406048602

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 Circle of Men … some to turn to since 1990