Dear Friend
I pray you are well and that you’re doing all that wonderful stuff that feeds your soul.  Firstly, happy New Year and please accept my apologies for being out of touch. Would it be that I could sit with you or walk with you personally and explain my powerful journey, I most certainly would. But since that is not possible let me simply say that I have been severely unwell, physically and emotionally.
As i explained in my last letter, i was re diagnosed in January of 2019 with cancer in both my lungs and neither myself or my beloveds were even close to being ready to start another marathon. Having been the recipient of unconditional kindness, grace and grit, delivered by an army of angels, twelve months later i am back, with no sign of disease. Yippee! Those Friends and Family that stepped in with bold heroics are too many to mention individually and i do not wish to omit even the slightest gesture of compassion. i named my last work of survival “My Second Act”. Looks like my second act will now have a chapter three… amen and thank you.
i wrote in my diary this morning the following:
“Breathing through the thought stream i popped my toe into my recent past and pull it out again quick smart. i choose not to go back up river and try to make sense of where i have been. It is safe to say i was faced with death and chose to live. That’s it. That’s all. No mud no lotus. Desperate times have seen me washed up on the shore of love, a crash course in forgiveness i call it. Never have i been in a better place to understand suffering, my own and other’s.”
Thank you Karen and Stowe for “Peace is All I Know”
You Can’t Stop Love
i am your Humble Troubadour and i am well … Washuntara