November 2011 Check In

Washuntara’s North American Adventure goes well, with simple happiness and good, strong teachings abounding.

This month, he’s been writing new songs in Hollywood, and also enjoying the practice of meditation with his Californian sangha. The sangha (a Buddhist word for family) provides a balance that is essential when navigating the city of the angels.

Washuntara has also trekked to the summit of North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains, bringing music and stories to the powerful Rites of Passage gathering offered by grandfathers Kedar Brown and Jon Rousseau.

Throughout the month, the muse kept Washuntara busy co-creating in Nashville with song angels Jana Stanfield and Karen Taylor-Good. Both of these sisters are legendary and are vibrant parts of Nashville’s song-line lineage. The perfect alchemy of words and melodies are now dancing in the creative fire. Watch this space!

A house concert on October 16 was held in honor of Washuntara’s beloved young friend Wilson Waters Forrester, who died tragically in April this year. Song For Wilson, written by Jana Stanfield/Washuntara, was fittingly performed in front of Wilson’s alter as the final song of the night.

Currently, Washuntara and his goddaughter Margret are slowly walking between the emerald seas and diamond white dunes of the Gulf of Mexico … such good medicine for the spirit. These golden days will soon be a memory as Washuntara heads away to the cold and lovely northern regions of the USA for most of November.

Brrrrrrrrrrr … see you soon, Wisconsin!

Please do not let your happiness be affected
by the rise and fall of emotions

– Washuntara

November 2011 Update

October 2011 Check In

Now in the Guitar Town of Nashville, USA, Washuntara is happy and relaxed and delighted to be back in the most creative place he has ever known. It’s also an important healing place for our Aussie troubadour at this time, as his mother, Sylvia Florence Roberts, made her transition on July 24, just two weeks after her 90th birthday party, when Sylvie and Washuntara sang together, bringing the house down for the last time on this side of life.

The celebration of Sylvia’s life was held in her home town of Reynella, South Australia, and it was a wonderful ritual, full of music, laughter and gratitude; a testimony to a life well lived.

Sylvia passed from this life on 24/7*, which Washuntara says was perfect, as it was the way she loved and the way she lived. We begin our newsletter this month with Sylvia’s favourite saying … “We all have our faults”.

As always, we value and cherish you, the beloved people who support the music and we’re so happy to have you along on the journey.


* Note to American readers: In Australia, dates are written with the day first and the month second. 24/7 therefore refers to the day and month of Sylvia’s passing.